Mouth Ulcers in Pregnancy

Mouth Ulcers in Pregnancy can be Intimidating
Mouth ulcers are generally intimidating for many of us. Moreover, mouth ulcers in pregnancy can be even more troubling. Studies suggest that canker sores erupt less in state of pregnancy. However, if they do erupt, they bring along additional physical and mental stress on an already weak immune system that is coping with changes in the body that occur during pregnancy.
Mouth ulcers in pregnancy could be a result of weak immune system, hormonal changes during pregnancy, stress, physical damage to mucosal lining and nutritional deficiency. Aphthous ulcers normally develop inside the cheek, below the lips within the mouth. White or pale yellow in color, they can be very painful at times. Mouth ulcers in pregnancy also erupt when there is physical damage done to the soft mucosal tissues due to aggressive brushing, incidental biting or ill fitted dentures.
There are mainly three types of mouth ulcers in pregnancy. Minor and major ulcers are among the most common ones. Cold sores or Herpetiform are comparatively less common. Pregnant women may endure minor and major canker sores. However, they do not affect the unborn baby.
In pregnancy, major hormonal and chemical changes take place in the body. Immune system demands extra nutrition to manage with increased demands of mental and physical stress in the body. In such weak conditions, the mucous membrane of the mouth becomes very soft leaving the area vulnerable to development of mouth ulcers in pregnancy.
Let us see in detail, causes of minor and major mouth ulcers in pregnancy:
• Chemical imbalance: When a woman conceives, several chemical changes take place in the body. This may lead to change in composition of certain tissues and cells. In this case, it may change the composition of the mucous membrane making it prone to other threats and resulting in mouth ulcers in pregnancy.
• Digestion: Mouth ulcers in pregnancy may rise due to improper digestion of food leading to acidity and eventually to eruption of canker sores in the mouth.
• Infection: The weak immune system’s ability to survive a bacterial, fungal or viral attack is very less in pregnancy. This may also lead to stress. Stress exerts pressure on the soft tissues in the mouth causing an outbreak of mouth ulcers in pregnancy.
Causes of Herpetiform mouth ulcers in pregnancy:
Cold sore is also a consequence of a weak immune system. Even stress can be a factor that leads to growth of mouth ulcers in pregnancy. Herpetiform of ulcer is formed because of a virus called HSV-1. It is a Herpes virus. However, it is not connected to Herpes disease besides its name. These lesions are extremely contagious and prone to secondary infection. These types of mouth ulcers in pregnancy can be quite harmful for the newborn children.
These mouth ulcers, though contagious are unlikely to be passed on to the unborn baby through genetics. However, being contagious there are chances that it may spread to other parts of the body through touch of hand. Therefore, would be mothers need to be careful not to touch the mouth ulcers in pregnancy. Would be mothers have to take utmost care that this sore does not spread to the genital area or viginal birth track. If this happens, there is a chance of the virus infecting the unborn baby and the doctors may have to carry out a C-section to keep the baby from infecting.
Mouth ulcers in pregnancy be it minor, major canker sores or Herpetiform, need medical advice. They can be treated with home remedies like flushing of mouth with salt and warm water, applying ointment or taking oral medications. Nevertheless, it is imperative to take general practitioners guidance before popping any oral pills for mouth ulcers in pregnancy.
Vitamin B6, which is also known as pyridoxine, helps heal mouth ulcers in pregnancy. Certain researches show that Vitamin B6 also helps in forming new red blood cells, antibodies and metabolizes fats and proteins. However, dosage should be taken only as prescribed by a doctor as mouth ulcers treatment.
Thus Mouth ulcers in pregnancy are to be treated with precaution. Severe ones could be nerve-racking during pregnancy when the body is already under stress.